Monday, October 29, 2012

Toby Boyce was featured in an article in Sunday, October 28, Columbus Dispatch highlighting the coming end to the Foreclosure Relief Act of 2007 and was quoted in "Tax break on forgiven debt to end."
Toby Boyce, who specializes in short sales with Triumph Realty, said he figures the tax break ultimately will be extended.“If it doesn’t get extended, it’s going to slow down stuff, and then you have a huge outcry because it sounds really bad,” he said.
Now of course, anyone that has spent two -- or twenty -- minutes talking to Toby knows that he could never say something that short about a subject. So head on over to the Dispatch and read the story and soon you'll see an update here on more of my thoughts about the Foreclosure Relief Act of 2007 and its extension.

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